La Sapienza

By Eugène Green


Alexandre is a successful French architect. In the midst of a marital and creative crisis he leaves for Italy with his wife Alienor to work on a project he’d interrupted years earlier.


On reaching Stresa they happen to meet two youngsters, Goffredo and Lavinia, who will end up changing the course of their journey.


Production La Sarraz Pictures, MACT Productions
In cooperation with Rai Cinema
With the contribution by MiBACT, CNC
With the sponsor of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Roma Lazio Film Commission
Press agency Studio Vezzoli

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli, Martine De Clermont- Tonnerre
Director Eugène Green
Story Eugène Green
Screenplay Eugène Green
D.O.P. Raphael O'Byrne
Editing Valérie Loiseleux
On stage recording Mirko Guerra, Sonia Portoghese
Set designer Giorgio Barullo
Costumes Agnès Noden
Fabrizio Rongione (Alexandre)
Ludovico Succio (Goffredo)
Christelle Prot (Aliénor)
Arianna Nastro (Lavinia)

Tech Spec

Film lenght 104
Location Torino, Roma, Bissone, Stresa

Festivals and awards

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