Bribeville or: How I discovered I didn't worry and loved bribes

By Gerardo Panichi


After twenty years, what can we say Bribeville has really been?

Did it trigger epochal changes that truly affected the manner Italy is ruled in? And for better or for worse? Or was it just a flash in the pan whose only use has been that of mixing cards, of giving the impression everything was changing for nothing to change? Or still, one of those rare moments in the story of a country in which it is possible to see its real nature: not how it is declared that the country works but how it really functions?


Production La Sarraz Pictures

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
Director Gerardo Panichi
Story Gerardo Panichi
D.O.P. Giancarlo Leggeri
Editing Christian Lombardi
Sound editing Mirko Guerra, Federico Tummolo
Executive producer Alessandro Borrelli, Carlo Hintermann

Tech Spec

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