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Alma Doble

By Ivana Bosso, Francesca Gentile


 Alma doble is a human and artistic encounter between two of the most important figures of argentinian tango: Silvia Vladimivsky and Gustavo Beytelmann. Featuring Ezio Bosso and Philippe Cohen Solal from Gotan Project.



Production La Sarraz Pictures
In coproduction with Project Image films (F)
In cooperation with Associazione Culturale Non solo movimento
With the sponsor of Regione Piemonte
Distribution La Sarraz Distribuzione

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
In coproduction with Gilbert Hus
Director Ivana Bosso, Francesca Gentile
D.O.P. Diego Damian Osidacz, Francesca Gentile
Editing Régis Brochier
On stage recording Xavier Farina
Mixing Xavier Farina
Music Gustavo Beyetelmann, Gotan Project per gentile concessione

Tech Spec

Film lenght 55
Original language Spagnolo, Italiano, Francese
Subtitles Italiano, English
Location Buenos Aires (Argentina), Paris (France), Torino (Italia
Filming period Dicembre 2005/Maggio 2006
Release date 2008-04-05

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