I am not a moderate

By Andrea Nobile


The candidacy of the Nobel Prize as mayor of Milan is the magnifying glass to inquire the crisis of politics and in particular of the left wing, incapable to find new answers to old questions.


Following Dario Fo, after a life of social battles, attempting to defy politics on its same playground, is an opportunity to tell the civil passion and the private and human side of one of the more important Italian intellectual


Production La Sarraz Pictures
In coproduction with Lichtpunt (B)
Distribution La Sarraz Distribuzione
First screening Locarno, 4 August 2007 60th Festival Internazionale del film di Locarno

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
In coproduction with Wim van Rompaey (commissioning editor)
Director Andrea Nobile
Editing Andrea Ciacci
Sound editing Alessandro Cercato
Mixing Alessandro Cercato
Music Enea Bardi
Cameraman Paolo Pochettino, Valentina Bersiga, Andrea Nobile
With a special appearance by
Dario Fo and Franca Rame

and the participation of
Ken Livingstone
Bruno Ferrante
Romano Prodi
Massimiliano Fuksas
Enzo Jannacci
Francesco Pardi
Franco Berardi
Marco Baliani

Tech Spec

Film lenght 70
Original format HDV color, Digibetacam
Original language Italian
Subtitles English, Français
Location Milan
Filming period December 2005-Febbruary 2006
Release date 2007-10-10

Festivals and awards

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