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Seven Acts of Mercy

By Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio


Luminita, a young illegal immigrant living on the edge of a shanty town, has hatched a plan to get herself out of her predicament. To carry it through she bumps into Antonio, a sick and mysterious old man.

The clash between the two of them is unavoidable and harsh, and leads to unforeseeable consequences


Production La Sarraz Pictures
In coproduction with Elefant Film (Romania)
In cooperation with Rai Cinema
With the contribution by MiBAC - "Film di interesse culturale", FIP (film investimenti Piemonte)
With the support of Eurimages
With the sponsor of Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Distribution Cinecittà Luce
Press agency Marzia Milanesi

Artistic Spec

Produced by Alessandro Borrelli
In coproduction with Elefant Film
Director Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio
Story Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio
Screenplay Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio
D.O.P. Piero Basso
Editing Stefano Cravero
On stage recording Mirko Guerra, Sonia Portoghese
Sound editing Mirko Guerra
Mixing Mirko Guerra
Set designer Giorgio Barullo
Costumes Carola Fenocchio
Executive producer Federico Mazzola
Cameraman Piero Basso
Color correction Technicolor
Graphic La Testuggine
Roberto Herlitzka (Antonio)
Olimpia Melinte (Luminita)
Ignazio Oliva (Max)
Stefano Cassetti (Angelo)

Tech Spec

Film lenght 120
Original language Italian, Romanian
Subtitles Italian, English
Release date 2012-01-20

Festivals and awards

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