Bakroman & L’esame di Xhodi

Bakroman: in the street of Ouagadougou live more than 600 children with no food and no shelter. Still they gathered in Ajer/fs a brotherhood born to defend their rights and foster their hopes. In order to raise from their condition. Xhodi’s exam: Tirana, June 2007. The President of the United States George W. Bush visits Albania. In the same moment at the Academy of Art and at the Conservatory of the city, it's time for exams. A documentary fable on a country in limbo, Albania, seen trought the students of the Academy of Arts in Tirana who dream on possible future.

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Seven Acts of Mercy

Luminita, a young illegal immigrant living on the edge of a shanty town, has hatched a plan to get herself out of her predicament. To carry it through she bumps into Antonio, a sick and mysterious old man. The clash between the two of them is unavoidable and harsh, and leads to unforeseeable consequences.

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In that part of Sardinia which winds its way between the Trexenta, Campidano and Gennargentu areas runs a timeless train, whose passage is waved on by small yellow dots brandishing a green and red signal paddle, the level-crossing keepers. A job that has been passed down from mother to daughter to niece for generations. They are there to halt the traffic to let the train pass, just a few hundred kilometres of secondary track which crosses secondary roads travelled by cars, tractors, sheep and three wheeled Ape's. Each crossing is manned by a woman wearing a fluorescent jacket, the train driver pulls a cord and waves. The train past the crossing keeper with a whistle and plunged on in a cloud of dust, disappearing round the corner: men, cars and animals are finally released from the chain the cuts off access to the tracks. The landscape shifts from yellow fields to stone walls, plains dotted with cacti, forests and narrow mountain gorges.  Manning the level crossing is all-encompassing: it implies care, attention and responsibility and becomes an obsession that even overwhelms their dreams. It's an ancient job assigned to women, who dedicate themselves totally to it with an almost ritual repetitiveness, for the entire day, every day of the year. The level crossing and its chains determine every aspect of these people's lives: their wake up call, their lunch hour, their dinner time, everything is set by the train timetable, the long waits in the sentry boxes or in cars are a result of the train's delays, the day's rhythm is syncopated, uncertain, broken, while the gestures performed are always relentlessly the same. The film gives an account of these women's lives, the life of these level crossing keepers working along the tracks of the Sardinian railways: their life, their job, their relationship with the time and space of the Railway. They are women like there are many others in the world, fighting for their rights as workers and for a better quality of living, while they live almost on hold, surrounded by an unchanging nature, where every element of progress represents a threat.

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Pink Gang

A group of women unite to fight against the violation of human rights, the corruption of the police and gangsterism,  led by the leader Sampat Pal, armed with a pink sari and a cane of the same colour. The documentary narrates the mission of the group through the personal story of its founder Sampat Pal.

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From the depths

A long night without an end, without seasons, without time. A secular labor that is both pride and curse. Kilometers of tunnels. Darkness. Black men. A woman. Patrizia, the only female miner in Italy, enters in a dialogue with a dead father, a never buried memory. The last 150 miners are ready to fight a war against the "upper" world to prevent the already imminent closure of the mine. Dal Profondo, shooting  500 metres below sea level there is a voice from the depthes, is a  prayer that is dedicated to the dead and demands to be heard by the living: "De profundis, clamavi ad te, O Domine....."

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Made in Chinatown

A ballad about the Chinese community in Milan. An Italian guy asks a Chinese girl's hand in marriage. This triggers a domino-like plot of confrontations among a crowd of characters. Starting from the focus on one of the largest and oldest Chinatowns in Europe, the film carries the spectators into a universal metaphor on hatred and dreams between West and China.

Il film è disponibile anche con sottotitoli inglesi.