La Sarraz Pictures is a film production company founded in Turin in 2004 by Alessandro Borrelli. In its 15 years of activity La Sarraz produced about twenty projects that have been presented, and awarded, in prestigious international festivals around the world, and distributed in Italy and abroad. We worked with authors such as Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio, Sergio Basso, Francesca Balbo, Valentina Pedicini, often producing their debut film and coproducing internationally recognized authors such as Eugène Green.

Since 2010 La Sarraz Pictures has set up another department for the distribution of creative documentary films in cinemas. In 2017 we increased our activity as a distributor and bought our first film abroad. We want to work with arthouse films that never forget the entertainment part.

For those who are wondering, our name, La Sarraz, takes inspiration from the “Congrès International du Cinéma Indépendant”, held in the ancient castle of La Sarraz, Switzerland in 1929 and organised by Serghej Ejzenstejn. It was a first and historic occasion to talk about independent cinema as the opposite of the commercial one. It is said that Ejzenstejn made a short movie in representation of this eternal juxtaposition. This short movie seems to have been lost in an unspecified archive in Berlin but our logo – the knight armed only with a camera – is an homage to that knight, since we “fight” as he did, to create independent and passionate cinema.